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Target date:08. Oktober 2019
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American students who will have completed at least a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Sciences degree by the time of arrival in Germany. A solid academic background and a well-focused project plus adequate German language proficiency where necessary are essential. Applicants with a U.S.-German dual citizenship are not eligible.


The program facilitates access to research and studies for two academic semesters at a German university or any other pertinent non-university institution, such as research labs or archives. The 10-month grant period usually starts mid-September. Depending on the candidate's academic level, full-time study (graduating seniors) or independent research (doctoral candidates) under the supervision of a German advisor may be possible. A formal matriculation with a German university is in any case required and arranged by the Commission.

Number of Grants

Approximately 75 grants are available annually.

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TenderStudy and Research at a German University - German-American Fulbright Commission
Description: The application deadline for the Fulbright Study and Research Program 2020-2021 will be October 8, 2019.
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