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Target date:15. Juli 2020


Do you hold a BSc degree in life science and are eager to explore the field of ageing research in a cutting-edge and interdisciplinary environment of the Cologne ageing cluster? 

The Cologne Graduate School of Ageing Research offers a new Master Fellowship programme for excellent and motivated students that wish to learn more about ageing research, while pursuing the Master studies in the Biological Science Master programme of the University of Cologne. 


Master fellowship holders will be supported with a monthly fellowship of 800 € for the duration of their studies (maximum 1.5 years). During their Master thesis project, they will be equipped with a working contract. All admitted students pick a principal investigator of our internationally renowned faculty as student mentor. Being part of the mentor’s group, Master fellows actively engage in scientific and social activities of the chosen group and have regular advisory meetings with their mentor. Thus, already at an early stage of their scientific career, our students have the unique chance to identify the research field they are most passionate about for their future path as PhD student.


We encourage highly motivated, outstanding candidates that hold a Bachelor degree in biological sciences or a related subject to apply for the CGA Master fellowship programme. Premise of being awarded with a Master fellowship is the admission to the MSc in Biological Sciences programme of the University of Cologne. Furthermore, all candidates require excellent written and spoken English skills (C1 level).

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