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Target date:07. Januar 2021

In both law and in economics, modern young professionals are not only experts in their fields, but are also able to work in an interdisciplinary fashion. This is often referred to as “transversal skills”. Think of a T, with the vertical axis being your particular area of specialization and the horizontal bar symbolizing your ability to collaborate with people across geographical and cultural borders. Both aspects are equally important.

Transversal skills are the key to success in today’s labour market. Attending the EMLE programme, which has been committed to delivering graduate education at the intersection between law and economics for over 25 years, will allow you to develop these skills.

Here is why: first, you will learn that laws have economic effects and that economic mechanisms vary with the institutional context, which notably includes the laws of different jurisdictions. In other words, you will learn that the world is more complex than you would have ever thought. Then – and here is the good news – the EMLE will teach you how to make sense of this complexity, not just by studying more law or more economics, but rather by learning how to integrate the two perspectives. And finally, you will learn to cross many other borders than just the one between law and economics. Studying at two or three international universities, and meeting with varying groups of people from some 30 different countries, you will become a true citizen of the world.

As in the past years, we will be receiving funding for scholarships from the European Commission under the Erasmus+ funding programme (EMJMD Programmes). As of the academic year 2018-2019 we may award up to 27 scholarships for Programme country students and 33 scholarships for Partner country students in total over upcoming academic years (from 2018-2019 up to 2021-2022). Therefore, we will be able to award each year up to 15 EMLE students with a full scholarship from the European Commission.

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